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Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth classes


Quotes Our labor and delivery was a very challenging 45 hours. During the course of our classes, we were prompted to have difficult conversations about birth, breast feeding and raising our child. With the many skills and options we learned about in our Bradley classes, my husband was able to be my best support and my best advocate. Our relationship grew stronger and our communication better. I am deeply grateful for our instructor, Kristen and our class. Thank you! Quotes
Happy Crunchy Mama!

Quotes We took our class when expecting our first child. We started in June 2009, and Brylie was born 3 days before the final class. Chelsea had a medically necessary induction due to pre eclampsia and thanks to the Bradley method, we managed (And by we I mostly mean Chelsea, she was pretty amazing) a very long, slow, and at times very scary induction with no pain management, and most importantly, no cesarean! Our class taught us more than how to get through a birth without getting an epidural, or narcotics. We learned how to advocate for ourselves, pick a provider we trust and share similar values with, and when intervention was more beneficial than risky, and when it was probably okay to decline an intervention. When it came time for birth #2 we took a refresher class and it was time well spent. There's just something about these classes that really build up the confidence in the mom and coach. We would highly recommend the class to all! Quotes
Chelsea & Sam K.
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