Natural Childbirth Education of Omaha

Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth classes

Our Basic Beliefs about Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnancy and Childbirth are Natural
Pregnancy and birth is a natural process. The body knows how to give birth instinctively. You may say, "If the woman's body knows how to give birth instinctively, then why do I need to take childbirth classes? Other mammals don't take classes to learn how to give birth." Ah, but they do. In nature, animals watch their mothers, aunts, sisters, and neighbors give birth all the time. They sit in on this class day-in and day-out, watching and learning. In our Western culture, we have been removed from nature's classroom. Hence the reason for formal classes, not to mention the fun of going through pregnancy with a group of other new parents in the same place as yourself.

Relaxation is Key
The pregnant body knows what to do in labor if we simply give it room to work. We have to tune into the body, both mentally and physically, and embrace the uterus doing its important job. Relaxation is the key to allowing the uterus to work most efficiently. Childbirth can be one of the most awe inspiring, joyful and empowering times a family may ever experience. It doesn't have to be dominated by fear or unnecessary medical interventions.

Prevention to Avoid Intervention
Preventative measures are extremely important in pregnancy and childbirth. Many of the complications that can arise during pregnancy, labor and delivery can often be avoided by the type of care the woman takes during her pregnancy.

Educated Support Person is Essential (Husband, Boyfriend, Partner, Sister, Mother, etc.)
The laboring mother's support person is essential to the birth process in the way that they offer the laboring woman support. In these classes we practice the many ways in which the partner can aid in the birth process.