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Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth classes

The Omaha-Area Bradley Instructors Are...

We are passionate about educating women and their families about childbirth.  We have strong belief sthat women’s bodies are designed to give birth and we trust in the natural birth process because 90% of the time, birth goes as it should. 

We are committed to sharing the knowledge we've gained from our experiences and training with as many families as possible.  Teaching The Bradley Method® is the most effective way we know to empower a pregnant woman and help her and her partner prepare.  It has a great track record – 86% of Bradley-trained mothers have spontaneous, unmedicated vaginal births.  With its strong focus on staying healthy and low-risk during pregnancy, especially through nutrition, it is a proven method that prepares couples for many different birth scenarios.  It is one of the only methods to proactively train and involve the coaches in pain management and active support of the mother. 

Besides giving birth to many children ourselves as a group we have helped hundreds of  families prepare for the birth of their babies. We have earned the respect of the medical community, not only through how well prepared, informed and flexible our students are, but also by having numerous doctors, nurses and chiropractors attend our classes in preparation for their own babies. Our instructors have also attended many births in the capacity as a doula or support person

We understand that there are an infinite number of variations in birth and respects the fact that every couple needs to make choices based upon their particular circumstances. We understand the need for patience and flexibility during the labor process and respects that each labor experience is unique. We feel that our primary role is to educate couples as much as possible so they are able to remain relaxed and make informed decisions during the birth. 

Everyone is welcome in our classes regardless of where, with whom and how they plan to give birth. Our warm and non-judgmental approach sets the tone for the class, allowing participants to connect with the material as well as each other.