Natural Childbirth Education of Omaha

Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth classes

What is the philosophy of your classes?

In the Omaha area Bradley Method classes are taught in a series of 10 weeks of classes lasting for about two hours at a time. In these you learn a system of natural labor techniques in which the pregnant woman and her coach play an active part. It focuses on comprehensive education, teaching women what to expect during labor and delivery, as well as how to deal with the stress of labor. The Bradley Method encourages mothers to trust their bodies throughout their pregnancy and birth using natural breathing, relaxation, nutrition, and exercise.

The Bradley Method always has and always will stress the non-use of drugs in pregnancy and birth, unless a complication occurs warranting the risk, and these are rare. We strive (and typically achieve) 90% unmedicated births. Other methods do not come close to achieving this percentage.

What do you learn about?

When you take a class in the Bradley Method you don't need most "extra" classes that are commonly offered. Bradley classes cover it all: nutrition, exercise, being more comfortable during pregnancy, the coaches role, introductory information about labor and birth, advanced techniques for labor and birth, complications, cesarean sections, postpartum care, breastfeedingand caring for your new baby. Our classes cover a few topics that are rarely discussed in other classes like: how to reduce the need for an episiotomy and the likelihood of a tear, how to avoid needing a cesarean, how to make the best of it if a cesarean is necessary, and what the coach should do if the baby is accidentally born in the car.


What does the Bradley Method do?

  • Empowers women through knowledge about both their bodies and their birthing options
  • Equips partners to effectively support mom
  • Dispels myths through teaching truth - separate fact from fiction
  • Instills confidence and address fears
  • Helps to get parents and babies off to the best possible start through healthy and safe pregnancies and birth