Natural Childbirth Education of Omaha

Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth classes

When should I take Bradley classes?

Remember classes last for nearly three months so it is important to allow enough time to finish the entire series prior to your due date. If possible try finding a class that will allow you to start in the fifth or sixth month of your pregnancy.

When is the next series starting?

2016 Schedule of classes:
January: Kit Fox (402)455-0362 (

February: Whitney Stevens (402)707-8336 (

March: Barb Hake (402)553-5056 (

April: Michele Senkbile (402)658-3823 (

May: Whitney Stevens (402)707-8336 (

June: Barb Hake (402)553-5056

July:Barb Hake (402)553-5056

August: Michele Senkbile (402)658-3823 (

Sept: Kara Holden (402)517-3557 (

Oct: Kit Fox (402)455-0362

Nov: Michele Senkbile (402)658-3823 (